Tommy Chandler will bring Fresh Leadership as our next mayor.  

Tommy is a Christian, Conservative, and Republican who will bring his experience as a business owner to the seat of Mayor.


Safety - Tommy Chandler will support our police officers and first responders and provide them with all of the necessary tools and equipment to keep us safe.  Tommy will also work to ensure that we maintain a competitive salary for all of our first responders so that we can keep the very best in Bossier City.  This is our frontline to a safe and secure city.

Roads - Tommy will work to fix our roads and traffic.  Currently, residents are frustrated with the flow of traffic and the condition of our roads.  Tommy will fix this by investing in our roads.

Business - Businesses look at our roads, tax system, safety, and schools before they bring their businesses and employees here.  Tommy will invest in these essential services to make Bossier City a top option for businesses.  We will bring businesses back to Bossier.

Taxes - Tommy understands that businesses and individuals look at Bossier City's tax structure before they look at moving here. To continue growth in Bossier, Tommy will make sure that our tax structure is business and resident friendly.  This includes looking for opportunities to lower taxes by cutting wasteful spending.  Tommy Chandler will not raise taxes.

Spending - Tommy will be resourceful with the tax dollars collected.  Necessary items such as our police, fire, and roads will be prioritized.  Pet projects and wasteful government spending will not be tolerated.  

Water - Tommy will ensure that our water systems are safe and are run properly.  Brain eating amoeba and other toxins will not be tolerated in our water system.

Education - Tommy will work with the school board to make sure our schools and teachers remain top-notch.  City government and the mayor do not have a say so with the school board, but Tommy Chandler will make sure to stay involved to optimize the education of our children.